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Karen-NAIROBI, Nanyuki,

La Palette

Furniture & Décor

ABOUT  La Palette

A family oriented business with a passion to help save the environment by making furniture, decor pieces and customised orders  from recycled wooden pallets. 

All our furniture, decor pieces & custom orders, are handmade leaving every item with it's own unique character that makes it stand out...none of our 2 pieces are the same.

Our style captures that  detail you accept/want/need to see giving your surrounding a personalised, edgy, rustic, unique look...

Most wooden pallets can be reused and repaired. Recycling pallets saves trees, energy and diverts use-able materials into a range of wood-based products.
Tonnes of waste wood pallets and crates are sent to landfills, if this was commercially recycled, it would help save the environment a great deal.

. . . And that's how La Palette was founded in November 2014 and never looked back...

Lets help our environment and try to reuse/recycle as much as we can with what's already there....